Friday, August 28, 2009

2 Week Recap

Christian is now just a little over 2 weeks old and doing great. I am of course sleep deprived, so is Matt. Adelaide is such a good big sister and in love with little man.

His birth was good. I now know that the epidural didn't work when I had Adelaide, cause this time I felt nearly nothing. I pushed for hardly no time (nowhere near the 3 hours I did with Addie). The doctor actually came in, checked me, said "Ok, it's time. I need you to push." I thought she was kidding. I started pushing, she left to deliver a baby down the hall (cause I was controllable and the other one wasn't), came back I pushed a few time, BAM!, and then she went straight to the room next door and deliver another baby.

Christian was born August 12th at 12:54pm, he was 7lbs 4oz and 20in. He had fluid in his lungs and were going to take him to the nursery for observation, I started to break down in tears (Adelaide went to the nursery for observation and ended up in NICU). Luckily, we kept putting it off and he was doing great so they let him stay with us. We were able to go home the next day.

The pediatrician wanted to check him again on Friday, just cause that's how they roll, so we made a trip there on Friday. They were worried about him having jaundice, so they stabbed his little foot for the blood test. His levels weren't horrible, but weren't great so we saw the docs again on Monday and Tuesday. Eventually they were comfortable with his levels and he is now doing good. He does have a blocked tear duct, that caused an eye infection, but we have that under control.
I am running on no sleep of course. Christian REALLY likes to be held. We are having issues with him sleeping at night not in my arms. Oh well, he is my little boy and I can have a lack of sleep for him. Matt is spending some nights on the air mattress so he can at least function a little at work. Which is fine with me, I have more space in the bed for all my night feedings and diaper changes.

My mom came down to visit from Illinois. I was so happy to see her and Adelaide fell in love with her instantly. I actually got told to go away several times. My mom was sweet enough to get the stroller and bouncer I wanted, YAY! She also brought and got the kiddos lots of cute goodies. We made a trip to the zoo to test out my awesome stroller and it was awesome :) Of course Smith luck followed my mom down here and the day before she was leaving I locked my keys in the car. Thankfully, I have the greatest friend in the world, Stephanie broke into my house for me and brought us our spare set. I hated seeing my mom go, especially since she kept Adelaide busy so I could heal up fast.

Christian had his 2 week appt on Wednesday, he is healthy and great. Big surprise!
We had a fun, small play date with Stephanie and the kids on Thursday. Adelaide really needed a little Joshua time. I think she misses all of her friends :(
That brings us to today..... Christian has been eating like crazy. Matt's co-worker told him today that Christian should go through a growth spurt soon and that may be what he is doing. It is driving me crazy. I wanted to clean today, but instead I played milk maid.
Anyways, I am done rambling.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


So I am headed to the hospital in less than 7 hours to have little man.
I am terrified! Of course because of the whole labor and delivery part. I am also terrified that there will be problems or something wrong with him. I know all parents have these fears, but I know the issues we had with Adelaide last time don't help me this time. I am just praying for a speedy l&d and a very healthy baby.
Anyways, the next time I blog I will be the proud mommy of 2 wonderful children. Thanks to all for being supportive and wondeful friends throughout this whole pregnancy adventure. Loves Ya!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Her Own Time

I am not saying we are there by any means, but we are making potty progress. For the past few weeks Adelaide has been going here and there, nothing big. This week she is a potty machine though. She decided on Monday that she wants to go pee just about all the time and only 1 accident. She still wants a diaper for going #2, but that's fine with me. At least she is recognizing the urge. I am just super proud of my little girl!
BTW, we have one week til baby Chris is here, YAY! I am very excited about meeting little man.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

38 Weeks!!!

This was a fun appointment. Why you ask. Well because we set a date to be induced. YAY! He will be here Thursday, August 13th.
She did her usual "fun" check and I am 3cm dilated and 50% effaced. She said there is still a chance that he could come before the 13th. She just wanted to set it up, in case he doesn't come before. We were induced with Adelaide because of potential complications and we didn't want to take chances with this one either.
So, yeah! I have 9 days left of being a mother of one amazing child. Which also means 9 days to finish any cleaning and such. And of course 9 days left of eating whatever I feel like. Mmmm, cheese sticks!