Monday, November 17, 2008

10 Days To Go

In the begining of the year, when everyone was making their new years resolutions I watched a segment on one of the morning shows about habits. They said it takes 11 continuous days to make or break a habit. I am on day 1 of my new habit, running/jogging/walking. Because of money I have had to put a hold on doing Stroller Strides, which breaks my heart. I still need to lose wieght and definitly need to be healthy, so I am trying to do it on my own. Today I went for a 30 minute walk/jog and when I got home I jumped rope and did suicides (thinking of Julie Brewer the whole time of course). I am hoping to do the same thing tomorrow and for the next 10 days. If I can do this then maybe I can start a few other "habits" I would like, they are small but they would mean the world to me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Good Morning Floor

Matt and I were getting ready this morning when I begin to hear Adelaide yelling/screaming. Her yelling is nothing new, she always wakes up, plays, and then yells for mommy and daddy. This morning however she was a little louder than usual, but I didn't think anything of it.
I open the door to her room and like a bolt of lightening I realized her morning was a little different today. I figure it went like this:
Opened her eyes..... Loved on her blankie.... Played around..... Held onto the side of her crib..... BAM!!!!! Good Morning Floor. See when I opened Adelaide's door she was not in her crib, she was screaming standing in front of her door because she had fallen out of her crib.
So after dropping Daddy off at work, Mommy proceded to change her crib into a "transitional bed." Her crib converts into a toddler bed, it isn't really that cute, but it is a lot cheaper then buying a new bed right now.
So now my sweet little baby is a big girl, sleeping in a big girl bed. (Actually she is a terror I am trying to make sleep in her big girl bed but won't, instead she keeps getting up and playing or screaming.....)
Why do they have to grow up so fast?

Excuse the photos, they were taken with my cell phone and suck.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Here comes the bride all dressed in . . . . . well not white.

Hobby Lobby is having the best sale I could imagine right now, 50% off all wedding stuff. YAY! My Grammy and I went shopping today and I am super duper excited about working on wedding stuff. I got my aisle runned, which I need to paint our monogram on. I also got my veil :D I need to work on pimping it out. My Grammy bought our toasting glasses, which I need to research how to write on. There is just so much to do now.
We have one little snag in all this wedding stuff though. Our sweet little puppy chewed on my laptop charger so now it doesn't work. It just happens to have EVERYTHING for the wedding on it. Oh and it also the only computer that will work with the printer. Now I can't print out the rest of the save the dates I need mailed out, print out my monogram, I can't do anything.
Anyways, back to walking around with my veil on.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


It's been a painful last 24 hours for our family. Last night we went to Reicher's Homecoming game because my little sister is on the drill team. Adelaide at one point decided to throw her head forward and back, right into mommy's mouth. I quickly handed her over to Matt and found out I had a busted lip. OUCH #1
Today we went to my Grandma's house to cut wood for our fireplace. As soon as we show up Jake gets out of the car and Adelaide goes running after him right into a fire ant hill. At this point her right arm and hand are covered with little bites. OUCH #2
Matt takes a break after sawing down a tree. At some point he reaches up and rubs his face with his hand. Some how or another he ends up getting something in his eye and we believe cut his lense slightly. OUCH #3
After we get home this afternoon I was sitting on the couch and Adelaide was standing in front of me. She turns away from me, trips, and smacks her face on the coffee table. We both ended up with blood on us, of course on my favorite T-shirt; I am just grateful she is ok. OUCH #4
So let's all hope that tomorrow is a lot better and a lot less painful.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

We need to talk . . .

"We need to talk but I have a meeting right now. Give me 2 hours." That was a text message I got from Matt. Could there possibly be a worse 4 word sentence? I am really trying to think of one but I can't. I hate when people say that, because the outcome is always bad. Seriously, think of a time when someone said that to you, was the outcome good? Probably not.
Now the "we need to talk" part isn't even the worst part of that text, it's the "give me 2 hours." You can't even begin to imagine the things that are gong through my mind right now and will be until I talk to him. I am trying to think what I could have done wrong or what could he have done wrong.
So of course this is stressing me out. When ever I get stressed, I clean and let me just say my house is sparkling. I guess I should be grateful he is putting me in a panic, because I am getting things done that I have been putting off.
The only thing that is keeping me somewhat sane is the thought that I am going out with the girls tonight to meet up with Jack, Jim, and Johnny. So whatever it is we need to talk about, atleast I will have alcohol to make it all better.
Ok so back to stressing and cleaning.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I have come to realize Halloween is so much better when you have a lil one.
Last year was Adelaide's first Halloween. Because she was so young we dressed her up as a Tootsie Roll and spent the night at home passing out candy.
This year was a whole different story.....
She was dressed as a patty-cake baker, which she managed to spill red kool-aid all over her. She seemed to enjoy having all her friends over for a Halloween party, even though she slept horrible the night before and was a little cranky.
When Matt got off work we went to the Cameron Park Zoo Boo. FUN!!! I think Adelaide really surprised Daddy with how well she behaved. She stayed in the stroller for the walking parts and held her basket when she walked up to get candy. Like Rachel said, she was amazed that people were putting candy in her basket. The best part of the Zoo Boo was the '"Rock n' Roll Herpetarium." The second we walked in and she heard the music she was jammin out. She got to dance with a Mummy, which was the funniest sight; I wish I had a video recorder for it. She also got to play with Daddy at the zoo park, I think it was his highlight. She went down the big slide for the first time since Daddy was there to help her up and I was there to catch her. i never knew how fast that slide is.
Since she passed out in the car I thought it was the end of our day, but I was wrong. We got home and played in the front yard with the pumpkins, skeleton hands, and spider webs. Our neighbors even came over to trick or treat.
Seeing her face light up with smiles made this Halloween better than anyone I ever had growing up, no matter how much candy I got.