Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1+4=5+4=9 OR 01/05/09

January 5th, 2009 will be the second biggest day of my life because it is the day I am getting married. Matt and I went yesterday and got our marriage license and I called today and made an appointment to get married on Monday at 10am.
I will get in to the why details later. Right now I need to get ready and go shopping for my ring and our bands, which is the exciting part of all this.

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Germy Christmas

Germs! That is the key word to our Christmas vacation.
We got to Kansas on Monday and had a great first 2 days. Then came Christmas Eve morning and Adelaide throwing up for the first time ever. We think she had a bad rection to the milk she drank, it was skim and she drinks whole normally. So after an hour she was fine and back to playing. Then over late Christmas Eve and Christmas day, Matt's 2 nephews were sick. The day after Christmas Matt, his brother, and sister-in-law were all sick. Then the next day was his mom and step-dad's turn to be sick. Some how or another I am the only one to not get sick, but I did get mine because I started having morning sickness on Thursday and it hasn't left. I can not tell you how much Lysol, kleenex, and toilet paper we went through.
I am just so unbelievably thankful to be home.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Re-released: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

When does life stop handing you lemons? I've been making lemonade and love it, but really?
So, I am late this month. By late I mean 3 postive pregnancy tests. Which has made me realize you should hide condoms all throughout your house; just in case you have a few margaritas, come home to a good looking man, and your daughter is sleeping in your bedroom (where they are hiding in the "special" drawer (I know TMI, oh well)).
If Matt and I were already married, we would both be extremely excited. But because we are not it really adds stress to our lives, such as no insurance and our families reaction (which he doesn't care about but I do).
Please don't get me wrong this is an exciting thing for us. It's just that we always seem to get to the peak of the mountain and come to find out there is another peak even further up and so on.
Let's get back to lemonade. I think the lemonade aspect of it all is pretty obvious, a cute little bundle of love. I can't wait to find out what we are having, feel the baby kick, and make Adelaide a big sister.
Right now we just need a lot of the lemonade and less lemons.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Santa this is Addie. Addie this is Santa.

We went to see Santa tonight and it went as expected. As we waited in line she looked at Santa and smiled. The moment we walked up to Santa, it was like trying to put a cat in a bath. Matt, Adelaide, and I ended up sitting with Santa for the picture.
When we got home we decided to take some family pics, because we had procrastinated on booking a photo session. It was a lot of fun though.

I had got on my knees to do Adelaide's hair when I discovered the ground was wet. That is why I have wet spots on my knees.

Daddy told Addie to say cheese and this is what he got. I LOVE it!!!

She said "aahhh," we said "aahhh."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Emma and Elmo's Party

Today Adelaide and I went down to Temple for Emma's birthday party. Of course we both had a great time. We followed Stephanie down there and passed some guy driving a truck with half a house on it. I say driving, but I really should say swerving. Her party was at Mazzio's and had lots of cute Elmo decorations. Katy even did the cutest cupcakes of Elmo, she is so crafty (that's right Katy, you ROCK!). All the kiddo's played in the arcade, ate pizza, cupcakes, and ran around like crazy. Like I said it was a great time, well maybe not for Stephanie who got Coke spilled on her by Joshua ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Gabriel

We went to Gabriel's birthday party tonight and by we I mean Matt too. His birthday party was at the Jumping Party and super hero themed. Matt had never been there with Adelaide so it was a pure joy to watch them play together. At first he said it wasn't his scene, so he tried to not go. He even said he would drop me off and go back to work. Of course he soon realized I was a little disappointed and decided he would reluctantly go. He was there not even five minutes and had the time of his life. I was so glad that we all got to be there to celebrate Gabriel's birthday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Say Cheese!

I got a new digital camera today, YAY! We have had this huge, expensive one that was just too awkard to carry around for random pics, but it was great otherwise (for the most part). Well during the summer I was taking pictures of Addie (of course) and the button came off. We have been needing to send it in to get fixed, but it is going to cost atleast $171. We then decided to just buy a little camera for me to take aroundin my purse, but never got around to it. Last week Target had a Polaroid 10 megapixel camera on sale for $88, it was $129. Well they didn't have it in stock so I got a raincheck and since then I have been waiting and waiting and waiting, not anymore. I got my big pimping camera today, YAY!!!
I bought batteries for it and wanted to use it today at the Santa playdate but it wasn't set up to hold enough pics, only two. But now I have some GB's and am ready for action.
So get ready to say cheese.

This is the first pic I took with my new camera :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's a Lindsey?

I guess I should have made myself a little clearer, sorry guys. Lindsey is a friend of mine, well was I quess.
The short story is she got jealous of a friendship of mine that I had since high school and she started acting immature about it; not even high school immature, more like jr. high immature.
We had borrowed a fridge from her parents and on Sunday we brought it back. (this is of course the nice, drama free version) Bringing back the fridge was closure for the friendship. I wish it wasn't at times, as in I wish I was immature enough to tell her she is an immature rich brat. But I am not. I also wishit wasn't because she was a good friend and I hate the fact that I have lost that friendship.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Good-bye to you

Last week our family said a couple of sad goodbyes.
On Thursday we took Fred and Jake to Allison's house. She had found them both wonderful homes in under 24 hours of me sending her pics of the cuties. Fred is with some guy, don't know much more. Our little Jake is with a female med-school student. I know they are both in good homes and will have wonderful lives. I wish we could have kept them, but it is just not the right time in our lives for animals.

Then came our good-bye on Sunday, Lindsey. I don't know if I am happy about this one or sad. I keep starting to write about this and then get pissed off and frustrated. So all I can say is that it is done and over with.