Sunday, December 21, 2008

Re-released: When life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

When does life stop handing you lemons? I've been making lemonade and love it, but really?
So, I am late this month. By late I mean 3 postive pregnancy tests. Which has made me realize you should hide condoms all throughout your house; just in case you have a few margaritas, come home to a good looking man, and your daughter is sleeping in your bedroom (where they are hiding in the "special" drawer (I know TMI, oh well)).
If Matt and I were already married, we would both be extremely excited. But because we are not it really adds stress to our lives, such as no insurance and our families reaction (which he doesn't care about but I do).
Please don't get me wrong this is an exciting thing for us. It's just that we always seem to get to the peak of the mountain and come to find out there is another peak even further up and so on.
Let's get back to lemonade. I think the lemonade aspect of it all is pretty obvious, a cute little bundle of love. I can't wait to find out what we are having, feel the baby kick, and make Adelaide a big sister.
Right now we just need a lot of the lemonade and less lemons.


  1. I was wondering where this post went to, I tried to read it and it was gone....

    But CONGRATS! Just remember God never give us anything we can't handle! You are ment to have this happend for a reason. You are strong and will be fine! Poo on your families that aren't being supportive! Thats what friends are for too ya know! ;)

  2. I am THRILLED for you guys! Ashley said it best - God is in control and this is a tiny part of his master plan for you guys.

  3. Well, I already love your baby! sorry this is poorly timed, but I'll tell ya, none of mine (except for maybe Rowan) were at a good time. And it seems like the end of the world for a few weeks, but you'll look back in 9 months and go, what was the big deal? And then in 5 years, you'll go, "I remember when.." and smile. You know we love ya, and even if your fam. isn't excited right now, you know your girls are!!!