Thursday, May 28, 2009

Potty Training Day

Kind of a busy day.
Today was our first attempt at potty training. I am going to try for a little while and if she seems to not be ready then we will stop and try again later. Our doctor suggested we start because Adelaide appears ready and it would be great to have it done before the new baby gets here. She has no problem sitting on the potty, it's just getting her to "go" in it that is the problem. She has gone in the pull-ups all day though, in between potty breaks.
Matt came home early from work because he was sick. At one point he had a temp of 102.8, so we took him to the doctor. Turns out he has a bacterial infection and needs to stay home til at least Monday. I feel so bad, he hasn't been this sick since January 2007. Not to mention that he is a very cute and needy baby. I swear I have 2 kids. Since he came home it has been either him or Adelaide hollering for me.
On our way to the doctor today we discovered that a/c in the car wants to make noises, YAY! Needless to say tomorrow morning I am on my way to the dealership to get it fixed. I have stranger issues so I may stay the whole time there, because the idea of getting on the "shuttle" service with some strange man scares the *@#% out of me.
Anyways, it has been a fun day and tomorrow looks like it will be another fun one.

Adelaide's Birthday

My little baby is a big 2 year old now. We had a luau/water party at the house to celebrate. Matt and his brother decorated the outside and set things up, his sister-in-law decorated the cupcakes, and I just bossed people around. A bunch of Adelaide's friends came to celebrate. We set up the kiddie pool, sprinklers, pinata, and of course the swing was out. Adelaide wouldn't stay out of the pool. She would play, get out eat a grape or lick frosting off a cupcake and then jump back in. All together it was great. It was definitly better than last year, just because I can actually remember this party. We spent the evening relaxing with Matt's family and jsut enjoying such a wonderful day.

In-law Visit

After spending nearly a month cleaning and redecorating the house, the in-laws made there way to Texas this weekend. Adelaide had a blast with her cousins, Evan(5) and Aidan(2). We made a trip to the Mayborn, which was loads of fun. We had a lot of fun playing outside and just hanging out with each other. I know Matt had a great time with his big brother and just being off of work.

At the museum.

Trying to get a pic of grandkids with Matt's mom.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


We bought Rachel Shipp's swing set and set it up yesterday. Adelaide is in love!
While we were putting it up she was playing with her water toy and not paying any attention to us, which was nice cause we could get things done. Then we got two of the swinging toys up and it was on. She noticed what we were building and came to play. Seeing the joy on her face just reminded me why I love being a parent and why I want to give her the world.
This morning she woke up and went straight to the bench window to look at her swing set. I can't wait to see her play on it today :)

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mommy's Day

I had a great Mother's Day. We took Matt into work, made eggs and sausage for breakfast, goofed around, and spent the day at my Grandma's house goofing around even more.
There were 5 other adults and a dog that helped wear my child out (really she wore them all out). I didn't do anything but change diapers. The day was extra nice because my Great Aunt and Uncle are visiting from Florida, I haven't seen them in nearly 7 years. My uncle looks like Jack Lemmon and is a huge sweetheart. Of course my aunt is a big sweetie too and so much fun.
Then to top off my day Joan Rivers beat Annie Duke in Celebrity Apprentice, YAY! Not to happy with the winner of The Amazing Race, but I am not heartbroken over it either.
I hope everyone else had a great Mother's Day.

My favorite picture from yesterday is of her dancing with Great Grandpa, she calls him Bopa. Where did kids come up with these names?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

What is a mother's work really worth?

I found this on my yahoo page and had to share the most important part of the article.
This year, a stay-at-home mom performing the 10 most popular "mom-job functions" does the work equivalent of a $122,732 salary, up 5 percent over last year's calculations. A mom who works outside the home 40 hours a week does work that equates to an annual cash compensation of $76,184, an 11 percent increase.
You can read it all at:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Room Progress

One of the many projects I have going on right now is putting together Christian's room.
I finished the quilt.

I finished painting the letters for his name. I still have one more wall hanging thing around his name to finish. There is something I don't quit like about this.

I still have to buy and put up small sports decorations.

I finished the bed skirt. I was going to do a bumper, but I think we have decided not to do one. I just need to start on the diaper hanger and basket linings.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dumpster Diving

Matt had to come home from work a short bit ago to change his clothes after he did some dumpster diving. He had thought he lost his wedding ring in a pair of gloves, so he and a co-worker went dumpster diving to find it. They didn't find anything, which left Matt upset.
Adelaide was pretending to go to sleep in our bed, while Matt changed his scrubs and cleaned himself up. I was lifting the covers to put them over her when BAM! His ring was on the floor under the covers. I don't know how it came off in the middle of the night, but it did.
I am just in aww over what that man will do for his wedding ring and how much it mattered to him. Seriously, out of all the dumpsters to dive in, a hospital dumpster is REALLY nasty.
I LOVE my husband!