Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ice Cream Diet

I went to see the ever lovely Dr. Wang yesterday. She is officially my new best friend :) At our last appointment she was slightly concerned because I haven't gained any weight, so I was told to try everything to put on 2-3 lbs per month. Well, I have failed miserably at gaining weight so I have been put on a strict diet, a bowl of ice cream a day. OH NO! What will I ever do? It kinda sux because Matt has been trying to lose weight and now I am going to have the horrible temptation of ice cream in the house and he has already given in. Oh well, doctor's orders.
We also have a date set for our ultrasound, April 27th at 2:30. YAY!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hillcrest Gala & Ribbon Cutting

One more week until the new Hillcrest is open, YAY!
Friday was the Hillcrest Gala, big "black tie" affair. Matt of course didn't find out until Monday that he was invited. Luckily they weren't extremely strict on attire and we got him a suit on Tuesday. We didn't have enough time to really get me a dress and such, plus no babysitter so I didn't get to to go with him. He had a great time though and was sweet enough to take pics for me.

Saturday was the ribbon cutting ceremony, that associates and family were invited to. Matt of course had to work, but he really wanted me to get a personal tour of the hospital, so he arranged for Tamra, the director of the ER to take me around. It was freezing so they held everything in the lobby, it was very cramped. Adelaide got a balloon to release during the ribbon cutting that she let go of early inside. Let me tell you 2 grown men trying to get a balloon back down is very amusing. We all went outside for the official ribbon cutting, when all of a sudden here comes an ambulance with lights on and everything. Apparently, they were rushing someone over to the old hospital; I am not sure exactly what happened. Tamra had to go take care of everything. It was a little exciting! This was actually the second person they took over to the emergency room, but the other was just for a check up on someone who fell. Anyways, we cut our visit short soon after since our tour guide left.

Friday, March 13, 2009


Matt just got a promotion, big surprise to all of us. We knew that there was a lot of talk about Matt's future with Hillcrest, but we thought it would be a while. Well, yesterday he calls to tell me the good and the bad news.
Bad News: He will no longer be the Stroke Coordinator :(
Good News: He will be the Stroke Coordinator's boss!
He went into a meeting with his boss and his boss' boss and they want to make him some title that I have no idea how to repeat or really explain. All I know is there is a raise and he will have people under him. I am so proud of him. He is really working his way up in Hillcrest.
Our big hope now is that he can quit Providence and maybe TOSA. We just have to play the game with our credit card company, you know the one where they screw you and you take it. Well we are hoping to make that game stop and start playing another one where we don't get screwed at all.
Adelaide really needs daddy to be home. On his last weekend off, he threw on some scrubs to work out in the garage in and she threw the biggest fit because she thought he was going to work. This morning she smacked his shoes and told him no. When he went to tell her bye, she ran away screaming no. It is soo sad :( Not to mention we are about to have another baby and having daddy home would be the greatest thing ever.
Anyways... My husband rocks!

Wake Up Call

I just need to vent a little bit.
I am going to start calling and texting people at 6am, when they are asleep. Because I am kinda tired of people thinking that they should call or text me at 11pm, 2am, etc... I give a big exception to my little brothers or friends in need of a shoulder. But to people who think that it is a good time to text "how are you doing?" All I have to say is "I was sleeping like a little baby until you decided that this was a good time to wake me up and piss me off."
So, here's to the next person that wakes me up with a call or a text, because I will be waking your ass up next.
Sorry, it's just happened a little too much lately.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sandra Blanchard

Seriously, will I ever get used to the name change?
It's only been 2 months but it's weird. I just sent myself an e-mail, so in my inbox it showed Sandra Blanchard and the name looked so foreign to me. I still refer to myself as Sandra Smith on accident. Matt has jokingly threatened to divorce me so I can keep Smith as my last name, since I appear to like it so much. The only thing that isn't too weird is writing it because I have been practicing for the past 5 years.
It's just kooky!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Malorie's 15th Birthday Party

My youngest sister had her 15th birthday party yesterday and I was super jealous. She had a boy/girl dance, with a DJ, and all the works. The only parties I had were sleep-overs (we grew up with different parents though). It was so funny to see them all interact. You had the boys on one side and the girls on another. Girls dancing with girls, everyone sharing little secrets about each other, the shy kids in the corner. I wish I could relive those days, but at the same time I am so glad they are over.
Adelaide had an absolute blast. She danced and played the entire night. She even found herself a little 15 year old boy she slow danced with, it was sooo cute. I got to teach Matt how to two-step and we had a cute family dance with the three of us. The best part of the whole night was of course 5 minutes after leaving when we looked in the backseat and little Addie was passed out snoring. She even slept through putting on a diaper and pj's.

Adelaide trying to escape my dad, Popo.

My sister Malorie about to blow out her candles.

My youngest brother, Mason and I. He was upset cause his smile wasn't that cute, whatever he is adorable.

Adelaide was seriously the center of attention.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Follow This Blog

Mommy's Wishlist

I am posting this on the board, but seriously this is a great blog to follow. Talk about money savers!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was just about the best birthday I have ever had. The whole day was easy and peaceful.
Matt and I got up early (before Adelaide) and spent time together. Matt and Adelaide spent the whole morning singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Adelaide and I did some grocery shopping and she was a very, very good girl. We all went out to lunch together at On the Border and I got my fajita and queso action on. Matt took off the afternoon to spend with us. He helped me clean the house up while Adelaide napped. For dinner Matt made me steak and shrimp and we had strawberry cheesecake for my "birthday cake." Of course Adelaide went to bed peacefully and I got to have some cuddle time with Matt. Let's not forget that my little brother made sure my message me Happy Birthday at 12:02am, I got tons of loving Happy B-day messages from my awesome friends and family.
Still birthday related is my cool present. I bought a sewing machine, technically it is my birthday present from Matt. I have made some cute burp cloths for the new baby. today I finished a dress for Adelaide and I am super proud of myself.

YAY, my life is PIMP!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

30 Something

Matt and I went to JoAnn Fabrics today and while we are picking out a pattern to make scrubs a young lady walks up to us.
"You look like you are in the age group I am polling, 30 something right?"
Matt will be 30 in September, so not too insulting for him to hear but she was talking to me. I am 26, 27 on Tuesday but I am not "30 something." It's fine if somebody thinks I am 30, but "30 something?" What age do I look like exactly? I was severly insulted and she looked like she was 23 or so, not too much younger than me.
Of course I was nice, "no, I'm in my 20's" and I answered her question. But still...