Friday, March 13, 2009


Matt just got a promotion, big surprise to all of us. We knew that there was a lot of talk about Matt's future with Hillcrest, but we thought it would be a while. Well, yesterday he calls to tell me the good and the bad news.
Bad News: He will no longer be the Stroke Coordinator :(
Good News: He will be the Stroke Coordinator's boss!
He went into a meeting with his boss and his boss' boss and they want to make him some title that I have no idea how to repeat or really explain. All I know is there is a raise and he will have people under him. I am so proud of him. He is really working his way up in Hillcrest.
Our big hope now is that he can quit Providence and maybe TOSA. We just have to play the game with our credit card company, you know the one where they screw you and you take it. Well we are hoping to make that game stop and start playing another one where we don't get screwed at all.
Adelaide really needs daddy to be home. On his last weekend off, he threw on some scrubs to work out in the garage in and she threw the biggest fit because she thought he was going to work. This morning she smacked his shoes and told him no. When he went to tell her bye, she ran away screaming no. It is soo sad :( Not to mention we are about to have another baby and having daddy home would be the greatest thing ever.
Anyways... My husband rocks!

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