Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sandra Blanchard

Seriously, will I ever get used to the name change?
It's only been 2 months but it's weird. I just sent myself an e-mail, so in my inbox it showed Sandra Blanchard and the name looked so foreign to me. I still refer to myself as Sandra Smith on accident. Matt has jokingly threatened to divorce me so I can keep Smith as my last name, since I appear to like it so much. The only thing that isn't too weird is writing it because I have been practicing for the past 5 years.
It's just kooky!


  1. I signed my name Rachel Hathcoat for about a year after we got married. Just think, you spent 20-something years being Sandra Smith, it takes a while to adjust! The funny thing now, I don't even remember being "Rachel Hathcoat"...I'm just Rachel Engeling! :)

  2. You will get used it! And just like Rachel, I don't even remember being Ashley Bland, I have been Ashley Dailey way to long. I will have to re-adjust if I ever get married again, lol.