Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'll have a Dr. Pepper please!

I earned a Dr. Pepper yesterday.
I HATE talking to people when there is a possiblity they will say no to me. For one of my classes I have to interview someone for each assignment. Well, I have been putting off interviewing, as in 6 months of putting it off. I have e-mailed someone for my first essay (a manager of a tv or radio station), but no response. So yesterday with lots of constructive encouragement from my husband, I did it! I called 3 different tv stations before I finally found someone who would talk to me. So, as I drink my DP right now I know I earned it and do not feel guilty about the sugar and calories in it.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Party like a rockstar!

Ok maybe like a Veggie Tales rockstar.
I am starting to believe that Pinwheel Kids is some sort of dream come true maker. Rachel's dream was to open a baby and children's store and TA DA! My dream is to be an event coordinator and TA DA!
Rachel has officially made me the go to girl for Pinwheel Kids' parties, Sandra Blanchard EC, event coordinator. Ahhh!!! It's the beginning to what I hope will be a wonderful career for me. I love hosting, decorating, and seeing the smile on the guest of honor's face. Rachel and I are both hoping to make Pinwheel Kids THE party place. I am starting to brainstorm party themes and am super excited about the potential of planning a hot pink and zebra party.
Super gitty!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We just had a CRAZY few days! Well it could have been crazier I'm sure.

We started out with a busy painting time at Pinwheel Kids. Then spent the afternoon shoppping for last minute costume stuff, shoes, and other goodies. We picked up dinner, to rush eating at the house and getting ready for Riecher Homecoming. Then we headed to Waco for the game. Reicher won and it was a REALLY good game.

I can't even remember the details. But it was party day at Pinwheel Kids. Oh wait I do remember!!! We went to Hobby Lobby to grab some ribbon and stickers, when leaving we got back into by a truck. My right, rear down has a big dent in it. It will be getting fixed tomorrow. After Pinwheel we went grocery shopping and then watched movies.

Can you say "procrastinate?" I had to finish Christian and Matt's costumes. NOT FUN! Matt got our last minute tickets to the Zoo Boo. We headed to the Zoo Boo after kid baths and showers, which had perfect timing, because right after them we discovered the water turned off. Hmm??? When we drove down our street we found a very wet and working fire hydrant. We then headed to Zoo Boo and met up with Allison and her clan. We had a fun time and got lots of candy.

Monday~ Sick mommy!