Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yesterday was just about the best birthday I have ever had. The whole day was easy and peaceful.
Matt and I got up early (before Adelaide) and spent time together. Matt and Adelaide spent the whole morning singing "Happy Birthday" to me. Adelaide and I did some grocery shopping and she was a very, very good girl. We all went out to lunch together at On the Border and I got my fajita and queso action on. Matt took off the afternoon to spend with us. He helped me clean the house up while Adelaide napped. For dinner Matt made me steak and shrimp and we had strawberry cheesecake for my "birthday cake." Of course Adelaide went to bed peacefully and I got to have some cuddle time with Matt. Let's not forget that my little brother made sure my message me Happy Birthday at 12:02am, I got tons of loving Happy B-day messages from my awesome friends and family.
Still birthday related is my cool present. I bought a sewing machine, technically it is my birthday present from Matt. I have made some cute burp cloths for the new baby. today I finished a dress for Adelaide and I am super proud of myself.

YAY, my life is PIMP!

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  1. Cute dress!!!!! Glad you had a good birthday, you deserve it :)