Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween

I have come to realize Halloween is so much better when you have a lil one.
Last year was Adelaide's first Halloween. Because she was so young we dressed her up as a Tootsie Roll and spent the night at home passing out candy.
This year was a whole different story.....
She was dressed as a patty-cake baker, which she managed to spill red kool-aid all over her. She seemed to enjoy having all her friends over for a Halloween party, even though she slept horrible the night before and was a little cranky.
When Matt got off work we went to the Cameron Park Zoo Boo. FUN!!! I think Adelaide really surprised Daddy with how well she behaved. She stayed in the stroller for the walking parts and held her basket when she walked up to get candy. Like Rachel said, she was amazed that people were putting candy in her basket. The best part of the Zoo Boo was the '"Rock n' Roll Herpetarium." The second we walked in and she heard the music she was jammin out. She got to dance with a Mummy, which was the funniest sight; I wish I had a video recorder for it. She also got to play with Daddy at the zoo park, I think it was his highlight. She went down the big slide for the first time since Daddy was there to help her up and I was there to catch her. i never knew how fast that slide is.
Since she passed out in the car I thought it was the end of our day, but I was wrong. We got home and played in the front yard with the pumpkins, skeleton hands, and spider webs. Our neighbors even came over to trick or treat.
Seeing her face light up with smiles made this Halloween better than anyone I ever had growing up, no matter how much candy I got.


  1. So glad you had a fun time last night. She is super duper cute in her costume :)

  2. Love the costume! It's adorable! Glad you all had a good Halloween!

  3. Glad you guys had fun, she is too cute in her costume. And I told ya, she'd figure out the candy thing quick! :)

  4. That is the cutest costume! Kids do make Halloween so much fun!