Thursday, November 6, 2008

We need to talk . . .

"We need to talk but I have a meeting right now. Give me 2 hours." That was a text message I got from Matt. Could there possibly be a worse 4 word sentence? I am really trying to think of one but I can't. I hate when people say that, because the outcome is always bad. Seriously, think of a time when someone said that to you, was the outcome good? Probably not.
Now the "we need to talk" part isn't even the worst part of that text, it's the "give me 2 hours." You can't even begin to imagine the things that are gong through my mind right now and will be until I talk to him. I am trying to think what I could have done wrong or what could he have done wrong.
So of course this is stressing me out. When ever I get stressed, I clean and let me just say my house is sparkling. I guess I should be grateful he is putting me in a panic, because I am getting things done that I have been putting off.
The only thing that is keeping me somewhat sane is the thought that I am going out with the girls tonight to meet up with Jack, Jim, and Johnny. So whatever it is we need to talk about, atleast I will have alcohol to make it all better.
Ok so back to stressing and cleaning.


  1. OOH, I'd kill David if he put me on pins and needles like I'm wondering what the big news is, too! :(

    Maybe it's a good "we need to talk..." as in, we need to talk about the tickets to Aruba I just won or's to alcohol to make it all better! See ya tonight!

  2. Ok so now you're OUT AND ABOUT and I can't ask you what the conversation was about!! AGH!

  3. I hate it when men do that! It sucks!!!!!! Hope it all went ok.