Saturday, November 8, 2008


It's been a painful last 24 hours for our family. Last night we went to Reicher's Homecoming game because my little sister is on the drill team. Adelaide at one point decided to throw her head forward and back, right into mommy's mouth. I quickly handed her over to Matt and found out I had a busted lip. OUCH #1
Today we went to my Grandma's house to cut wood for our fireplace. As soon as we show up Jake gets out of the car and Adelaide goes running after him right into a fire ant hill. At this point her right arm and hand are covered with little bites. OUCH #2
Matt takes a break after sawing down a tree. At some point he reaches up and rubs his face with his hand. Some how or another he ends up getting something in his eye and we believe cut his lense slightly. OUCH #3
After we get home this afternoon I was sitting on the couch and Adelaide was standing in front of me. She turns away from me, trips, and smacks her face on the coffee table. We both ended up with blood on us, of course on my favorite T-shirt; I am just grateful she is ok. OUCH #4
So let's all hope that tomorrow is a lot better and a lot less painful.


  1. AW! It was a painful day at your house! I hope all the ouchies get better and nobody gets anymore!

  2. Good lord, lady...I guess that's your run of bad luck for the year, eh? I'm glad none of it was too serious!

  3. When it rains it pours!! Wow!

  4. Ouch is right! Sheesh! Yall need to go back to bed and pull the sheets over your heads for a couple of days!

  5. Thanks for the quirky comment!! =) Hope yall are staying away from the ouchies!