Monday, August 23, 2010

Ah, life...

We are pretty boring and routine in the Blanchard house.
My sweet little boy is one, YAY! We had a party for him and were surronded by the most wonderful people.
Friday I had a GREAT time with Allison and Rachel. We saw Eat, Pray, Love and the headed to Salty Dog for a drink and then to On the Border for chips and dip. Mmmmm....
Speaking of food. Matt and I have seriously started the low-glycemic diet. I lost 5 lbs just this weekend. We won't discuss the disgusting amount Matt is quickly lossing. I HATE BOYS!
I am spending 3 days a week doing craft and story time at Pinwheel Kids. The kids are both adjusting great to it. Christian is finally taking naps.
Ummm.... I really can't think of too much more. Plus I really need to do some homework. Peace!


  1. Great update! Good for you losing 5 lbs!!

  2. Hey I really like your blog. I'll keep coming back.

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