Friday, June 5, 2009


I have always been told by people that I am OCD. Matt really likes to tease me about it. I am really not, I just like certain things a certain way. I like my sheets nicely made before I go to bed, I like toilet paper going over (and I tend to make sure every bathroom I walk in has it that way). Working at a grocery store I always made sure everything stacked up perfectly and my co-workers hated that. Of course I was the boss so they had no choice. This morning I did an application on FB that was was about OCD, I was "way OCD."
So last night Adelaide woke up and went to her bedroom gate saying "Mommy help" in a soft sweet tone. I walk into her room, she takes my finger and walks me to her bed. She points at her bed with the sheets and comforter all messy and says again "mommy help." I fix her bed, she crawls right back in, and is asleep in a flash.
She is definitly my child.


  1. Jarrod is like that. It gets pretty annoying. HA JK!

  2. That's hilarious. Please don't let her show Emma Anne that ;)