Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Wedding Day

I had started this blog the day after, but never got around to posting it.
I'm married, I'm Matt's wife, Mrs. Sandra Blanchard. Ahh, it's all crazy to say.
The day started with me not being able to sleep, not a big surprise there. I realized that morning why you should not live with someone before you marry them, because you won't want to. "Honey, where's my ___" "Can you get my ___" "I can't find my ___" Of course I was trying to get myself, Addie, and apparently Matt all ready at the same time, so Matt ended up 30 minutes late for work. Luckily I was able to go to the awesome Rachel's house and get ready. I ended up doing nothing to my hair because of the rain and because I ended up not having enough time (thanks Matt).
Anyways... I got all prettied and picked up Matt. After we got there and walked through the pouring rain; we found my grandparents, dad, step-mom, and best friend there. My dad knew the judge, so she didn't charge us, YIPPEE! She was really friendly and nice, she played with Adelaide a bunch. I laughed the during the whole ceremony (jitters). My best friend took pictures (that I look like a drowned rat in) and we ended up redoing our kiss. Oh and not even half way through Adelaide decided she wanted her mommy.

Matt ended up taking off the whole day, after he was harassed at work about it. We got my license changed, ate lunch at Chili's, and rented some movies. We bought steaks and such for dinner and Matt poured us soda in our flutes.
It was nice to just spend the day with the most important people ever.


  1. YAY, it's official - you ARE Mrs. Blanchard! Are you practicing your new signature a bunch?! I'm super duper happy for you and love the pics! That's awesome that Matt took off the rest of the day, too!

  2. YAY! I'm so excited for you! And you didn't look like a drowned rat to me, you look gorgeous! Congrats again!