Tuesday, January 27, 2009

14 Year Old Impersonates Police Officer

CHICAGO – A 14-year-old boy accused of impersonating a police officer and going on patrol has pleaded not guilty.

The teenager appeared in a juvenile courtroom on Monday with his hands cuffed behind his back. A judge ordered that he be held at the juvenile center because he could pose a danger to himself.

On Saturday the teen, wearing an officer's uniform, walked into a police station and was assigned to go on patrol. He partnered with another officer for about five hours before the ruse was discovered.

Police say the boy did not have a gun, never issued any tickets and didn't drive the squad car.

The Rev. Roosevelt Watkins says the boy had lived with him for much of the past year and is fascinated by police work.

I am extremly fascinated by this news story. HOW? How do you impersonate a police officer for 5 hours? How does a 14 year old boy impersonate a police officer?? Why did they not know this was not one of their officers? Anyone want to go to Chicago and impersonate an officer? I have lots of friends there I could have a field day with. There are so many questions I have on this because it seems to show the police as idiots. I know they aren't cause my dad is a cop and I have several friends who are (some actually in Chicago). But really how did this happen? and how for 5 hours?


  1. Holy Crap! That's insane.. I'm like how, how in the hell did this go on for 5 hrs?????

  2. That's awesome. I bet that kid has an awful lot of facial hair...hee hee...