Thursday, February 5, 2009

Cleaning Rambles

I hate cleaning. I don't really know anyone who loves it. Of course I love using my swivel sweeper, but you can't clean windows with it and it won't put away the loads of papers everywhere. I make cleaning as enjoyable as I can, music loud and me dancing around like a fool. Adelaide of course has made cleaning more difficult. Yesterday I left her in my room to put away kitchen towels, the problem is I left her with lots of clean, folded laundry. When I returned to the room none of the laundry was still folded.
I am excited about cleaning the office though, because I am cleaning it out. Matt cleaned the garage this weekend and discovered he would have a lot more room in there if we cleared out the baby stuff; the swing, bassinet, walker, big box of baby stuff. Which means I need to clear out and organize the office, so we can stuff it all in Baby Blanchard's room. I am hoping to have the office cleaned by next Friday (fingers crossed).
We have decided to use Adelaide's nursery rhyme baby stuff for Baby Blanchard's room. Which means I get to decorate Adelaide's room, YAY! I haven't made up my mind but I am thinking pink and yellow. I really want to repaint Adelaide's bathroom, but can't do that while I am pregnant. As soon as I pop this kid out I will be in there with a paint roller.
Blah, blah, blah... I need to clean :(

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  1. Cleaning is not on my list of favorite things to do either :( But, it seems like it is a constant battle - especially with a toddler! That's so exciting that you get to re decorate Addie's room and start preparing another nursery!