Tuesday, February 24, 2009

It is truly amazing how we all effect on each other's lives.
Today I was at Wal-mart and Adelaide was throwing a terrible screaming fit, you would have seriously thought I was beating her. She was pissed because she wanted me to hold her but I was hurting from being an idiot and holding/picking her up earlier in the day. Anyways... I was down the toothbrush aisle trying to hold back tears, when this sweet looking, older lady walked up to me put her hand on my shoulder and said "we have all been there. You are doing the right thing, just keep with it." She walked away and just made me feel strong and a lil more teary eyed. That woman will go on with her life never knowing the effect she had on me. I will probably always think of her when Adelaide throws a tantrum.
It's like when I go out to eat with Adelaide, I almost always think of Rachel S. because she once said to me that the reason she eats out is so she doesn't have to clean up, mind you I was trying to clean up the mess Adelaide had made on the table and on the floor. I have a lil Rachel on my shoulder every time I think of getting on the floor to clean up Adelaide's mess.
But we all do this and not even know it. I ran into a kid from high school once who told me I made him believe in god. Talk about a WOW moment. Apparently we were having a discussion once about religion and how he had lost faith after his grandfather passed away, somehow something I said made him find his way back. I went years never knowing that I had such an impact and that I would always be remembered to him for that.
I know that I may not be friends with everyone I know now. I mean I look back and count the friends I had in Illinois, High School, college, my various jobs, and I have only taken away a handful of friends for life from them. But I know that everyone I know now is making their impact on me and for most of them in the biggest way possible. They/you are all helping me become the mother I will and am to my children. Talk about a worldly impact.
Anyways, I think I have rambled enough.


  1. What a wonderful woman you ran into today!! It always helps to have a little encouragement in parenting!!

  2. I'm glad you met a little old lady. You know they are angels, right? Sometimes little old ladies say the most wonderful things and it's because nobody ever told them that it's rude to talk to strangers. I think its awesome.

  3. That is so awesome! I am so glad you ran into her!!!!!