Thursday, February 5, 2009

12 weeks and 1 month

Today I am 12 weeks pregnant and I am reminded how much I don't like being pregnant. I have really tried to get off my butt to clean today, but have failed miserably. I have absolutly no energy. I must have pregnancy rhinitis because I never had "allergy" problems before this pregnancy. It has been almost a month of me not being able to breath or sleep. I made the mistake this morning of taking Benadryl, I will never do it again. I fell asleep sitting up on the couch while Adelaide was awake, it was only for a few minutes but she's a toddler and can get in trouble in just seconds. I found her in my bathroom with a lipstick all over her mouth and blush and powder foundation all over the floor, her clothes, and hands. Of course when she finally went down for a nap and I couldn't sleep at all, just my luck. I won't even get into the other wonderful pregnancy symptoms I am enjoying today. I know I am not the only one suffering because Matt isn't able to sleep all night with me constantly blowing my nose, moving around, and getting up to pee.
Today Matt and I have been married for a month, YAY! Nothing has really been different since we are married. I do love being Mrs. Blanchard though. I also have enjoyed not having to figure out a different way to pay for things since all the cards have Matt's name on them.


  1. I hope that the second trimester is much more comfortable for you. Congrats on your one month anniversary :)

  2. Yay for anniversaries! And I too hope that the next trimester is easier for you.