Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Blanchard's No Good, Very Bad Day

Yesterday wasn't devastatingly horrible, but it was not a good day for the Blanchards.
It really started with trying to sleep, because none of us did. Adelaide was constantly crying at her door and I of course couldn't breath. Therefore Matt was up dealing with both of us. All three of us were very cranky.
We tried to go out for breakfast, but ended up running horribly late. Addie and I went shopping at Target and got Madagascar 2 (the highlight of my day). We had filled the trunk up so I had to drop everything off at the house before we could do more shopping.
We went back into town for lunch with Matt at Sonic, not bad. I told Matt to get her a Sprite, but he wanted her to have milk, the problem is there milk is in little jugs and Adelaide will spill it everywhere. "She'll be fine" he reassured me. He was right, because he was the one that spilled the milk all over himself and the car. So we had to go back to the house for him to change his clothes.
So instead of Adelaide and I driving back into town for a third time, Matt said he would do the rest of my shopping for me. I have learned that men should not be allowed to go shopping, he called me several times and managed to bring home many of the wrong items. So, I have the car today to get the right things.
Adelaide wouldn't go down for a nap, no biggie but stressful. So 15 minutes into nap attempt #2, I here a crash and screaming. I walked into Adelaide's room to find her dresser laying on top of her. She is fine, but I will never get that image out of my head. She has a bruise on her leg and her eye is a little swollen and bruised. Needless to say the dresser is in the closet now. She was very cranky and clingy from that point on, but I don't blame her.
No cleaning got done yesterday either, so we have a huge list of things to do today. We all slept good last night so I am hoping today will be better.


  1. I hope today has turned out better for the Blanchards. Some days seem like domino effects, don't they?! I'm glad Addie is okay!

  2. Goodness girl! Hope tomorrow is better and I'm glad Addie is ok!