Thursday, January 1, 2009

Something about 4's

I looked at our marriage license and noticed we got it at 4:44pm. We are getting married on 01/05/09, which if you add 4 to each number you get the next (1+4=5)(5+4=9). I know I am looking into this too much, but oh well.
Tuesday I got my ring, YAY! I love it when you know people. My best friend worked at Gordon's and talked to one of her old co-workers, who worked her magic so that I could get my ring and band that night. Matt found his but we had to order it, so I am praying it comes in tomorrow or Saturday.

I am ready to have this wedding thing done. I still need to get my hair cut, figure out how my non-styling butt is going to style it, get the rest of myself pretty (toes, fingers, and the bushes I call eyebrows). Let's not forget something to wear, shopping for dinner, and whatever else I am forgetting. I am really excited I just wish I had one more week and that Adelaide would cooperate fully. It is nice to think that by this time next week I will be Mrs. Sandra Blanchard.
Adelaide decided to play with the wii tonight and not in a good way, she shoved stickers into the driver. We have only had the thing for a few days. Luckily, we bought it at Wal-mart and you know they will take back ANYTHING! They had none in stock so going to Wal-mart tomorrow is something else on my list.


  1. YAY! The ring is beautiful! I'm sure you will get everything done on time too!

  2. LOVE the ring! Congratulations! Everything is going to go great!!!

  3. Absolutely stunning! I'm super duper excited for you, Matt, Adelaide and sweet baby #2!! What a fun way to start the new year.

  4. Good ol' Wal-Mart. The ring is lovely!