Sunday, July 12, 2009

Finished Projects

It feels so good to have things done. This week I finished projects for Adelaide's room. We painted her mirror, which was this green/yellow color with stars that said twinkle twinkle. It is not very good, but I kinda like that it looks messy. I do have to take a little yellow to it to cover some spots and paint the inside purple, but otherwise I declare it DONE!

One of my other projects was making pillow case covers out of Adelaide's baby clothes. Yep, got that done today (like 15 minutes ago). I had made one of them a while back, but had to rip it apart cause it was too big and not hanging right. Well, I did them both today and they look and fit pretty good. Adelaide is in love and carrying them around laying on them.

I am just glad to have her room done before Christian gets here. We still have more furniture to buy for her room, but that is on hold for a little while.
I have one more thing to make for Christian, which is a ribbon thingy to decorate around his bassinet, but that is easy. So off to make dinner, clean a little, and finish another sewing project.

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  1. You are super crafty girl! It looks so cute too!