Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ramblings about my week (and it's only Wednesday)

Monday's 30% chance of rain of course made it 100% to my house. It was raining so bad that you couldn't see out our windows. The wind was horrible and backyard toys were pushed and thrown everywhere, some things made it from the backyard to across the street into the middle of the front field. It was even bad enough to knock a branch down from a tree that hit the cable and electricity wires and pulled a metal pipe holding those wires off the house (refer to exhibit A). We lost cable but somehow didn't lose our electricity.
Exhibit A:

Then the fun begins. . .
Call the cable company... they need to get approval and will call back in 15 minutes. They never called back!
Call TXU, they tell me I need to call an electrician and get my electricity on temporary disconnect, but I can do that when they before the elec guy comes out.

Then Tuesday morning fun begins. . .
Get a call from the landlord, who will have the elec guy out today :)
Call TXU to get temporary disconnect. The guy says it won't be done til Friday, WTF? Oops, call gets dropped while driving over the lake.
Call TXU back, talk to nice lady who starts scheduling it to happen at 9am that day (what happened to Friday, herk #1???). Oops, call gets dropped as we pull up to Hillcrest.
Go into Hillcrest, call TXU, and am asked "is this the 1st time you've called or the 3rd?" Yeah, it's the 3rd :)

Go to doctor appt and walk into a pretty little sign that says Dr. Wang had an emergency c-section and will not be back to 10. Talk to nice, old lady who tells me I won't be able to be seen til 11. BTW, my appt was for 9:30. And this is the appt I had to reschedule because Dr. Wang had an emergency delivery when I went for my last appt. I am not upset, cause I may be that emergency delivery one day. However it's frustrating.

While in the waiting room I get a call from Oncor (TXU) to tell me they won't get out there til 1 or 2, and that TXU never even told them they were suppose to be there at 9. THANKS TXU!!!
Call Bowen, they are so easy going, and the inconvenience doesn't bother them.
I waited 2 hours to have her measure my belly and check the heartbeat (took less than 5 minutes).
Get home, Bowen electric is here and fixing everything. YAY! Find out that Oncor never showed up, they went ahead and cut the elec off like the awesome Bowen Electric people they are. Adelaide was in love with one of the guys and followed him around, too cute.
Cable had come by earlier, but couldn't fix anything because of the elec wires. Well DUH, I could've told you that. Hmm, maybe next time they will call someone back. Anyways, the guys come out and fix my cable. They were sweethearts and not stupid!
I call TXU to cancel my disconnect and they tell me it was already cancelled ??? OK, whatever.
Everything is fixed, Happy Day!!!

Today, Oncor shows up to turn off my electricity. REALLY??? I told them it was cancelled and they go on their way.
My landlord shows up to check things out and says I need to call Oncor and get them to cut down the branch that is still a possible hazard. Well, I told him Matt and I already checked into it and it is his responsibility. Oh no, he of course doesn't believe me and wants me to call them. Ok, I called and had them send me something in writing that says it's his responsibility. The thing that sucks about this is that I will have to call TXU and schedule another temporary disconnect, AAHHHH!!!!!

Ohh and while I was outside, I got attacked my fire ants. So my toes are little sausages right now.

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  1. 1. I hate TXU....with a passion.

    2. I get so irritated w/Dr Wang and office (yeah, emergencies come up but EVERY time?!?!)

    3. That's totally your land lord's responsibility. That's the "beauty" of not owning a home.

    4. The End.