Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloweeeen

"Happy Halloweeeen" that's what Adelaide and I said all day long. First thing we did when she woke up is work on saying "Trick or Treat," she would say it and then mommy would put candy in her bag.
This year we decided to go to the Zoo Boo, since we had gone last year and it was so much fun. This may be the last year we go to the Zoo Boo.
Matt had to work til 3, but then he came home and we started to get ready. We were out the door with the most adorable pumpkins.

We hadn't ate, so we ran by Jason's Deli (my favorite) and decided we would eat in the car when we got there. Eating in the car was no problem, when we got to the zoo the line to get in was long, so we ate while we waited. After we had finally found some where to park, I got out of the car and that's when it hit me, the tickets were sitting on the end table at the house. So instead of waiting in another long line, we went home to get them, a 40 minute drive there and back. Of course half way home the fuel light comes on.
When we finally got to the Zoo Boo, our friends we were going to meet with were leaving.

This year Adelaide got only 5 pieces of candy, they didn't have many candy stations at all, and the people working there were not very into it. It was really disappointing since we had an amazing time there the year before. Stephanie agrees with me, so it is just my craziness :)

When we got home Adelaide was still up and so was our neighbor passing out candy. So Adelaide was able to knock on her first door and with no disappointment. She came away from there with her basket full of candy.

We of course made the best out of it all, how could we not it's Halloween!

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