Thursday, November 19, 2009

TAG! I'm it.

Katy tagged me! I feel so lucky, if you know Katy you would feel pretty lucky too. She is an amazing woman and mother. Where she finds the time and energy, I will never know.

Here's the deal with the TAG ~ share five things you are obsessed with and then pass the award on to five of the most fabulous blogs you know!

#1 My husband: If you know the story of Matt and I, you know this is true. He is amazing and the absolute perfect man for me. He still gives me butterflies and just thinking of him makes me smile. He is my inner peace.

#2 My kids: Have you seen my kids? They are adorable! How could I not be obsessed with them? I love to find things for us to do, research parenting ideas or advice, and just spend every moment I can seeing them laugh and hearing them smile.

#3 Crafting: Growing up I was always jealous of my brothers for their amazing talents in music and art. It took me til now to realize I was kinda good at something, being Martha Stewart (without the jail time).

#4 Facebook: My portal home. Some of my best friends are a thousand miles away and so is my family. Facebook has become my way of staying connected to the people I love. I am able to see my niece, nephew, and dear friends kids grow up and feel like I haven't missed anything.

#5 Planning playdates: I LOVE throwing playdates. I love them more when there is a theme (baby shower, holiday, whatever). I wish I had more time to do them because I have tons of cute ideas, just not enough time to get them done.

Here is something to blog about:

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