Friday, March 5, 2010

Adelaide's Night Adventures

I was giving Adelaide a bath the other day and she asked for her Flounder fish. She sleeps with it at night along with her Ariel princess doll. Matt went off to her room to look for it and comes into the bathroom.
"I think Adelaide was hungry last night."
He then opens his hand up to show me a half eaten apple. Adelaide admitted to sneaking out of bed and bringing the apple to bed with her to eat.
She then puts her hand on her chin and says "Hmm... What will Adelaide eat tonight?"

Last night we put Christian to sleep. An hour later (after Christian is fully asleep)we put Adelaide to sleep in her own bed and went into our room. Shortly after this we begin to hear Adelaide on the monitor that's in Christian's room. Here is what we found:

Adelaide then tells us that she wants to sleep with Christian.

I love my daughter and how she makes me laugh.


  1. Aww so sweet! That's halarious!!

  2. That is so funny! She thought Christian would be lonely. :)