Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My New Addiction

I started making my own baby food and I am addicted!!!
It is so much fun and cheaper than buying Gerber. I didn't do it with Adelaide because I thought it was going to be difficult and time consuming. WRONG! It is actually something fun for Adelaide and I to do together.
I find myself at the grocery store trying to figure what else I can puree up for Christian to eat. It will be a very sad day when I have to stop :( Until then I will puree away (I think I just like the word puree).


  1. Yeah! I always thought people that made their own baby food were CRAZY but I LOVE it. Glad you tried it, I think it is so much better for them and Olivia has transitioned so well to table food.

  2. I agree! I was one that thought it would be messy and time-consuming, but I also loooove it! Have you tried organic pumpkin yet? You can buy it canned. It's not the pumpkin pie mix, but the actual pumpkin. Caden loves it with a little cinnamon. It's VERY healthy as well!

  3. I need recipes!! What do you use to puree it?