Friday, March 19, 2010

Busy Blanchards

We have had a pretty busy week here in the Blanchard house.
Saturday~ Tried to watch my friend Lori get married in Vegas. The kids and I headed to Noah's pirate party. After Adelaide starting acting a fool we headed to McDonald's for ice cream. We ran into Stephanie there, who had just left the party too.Our kiddos got to play together a little bit more and we got to talk.

Sunday~ Finally watched Lori's Vegas wedding. We headed to the zoo with Daddy :) I was reminded of how spoiled I am as a SAHM. The zoo was crowded! Growing up and going to the zoo that was expected, it was Chicago. As a SAHM, I go during the week and no one is ever there but my friends and I. Luckily we have a pass so we zoomed to the front of the crowd and right in.
Monday~ We had a fun time at the park. Christian and Olivia played next to one another so I was able to chit chat with Ashley, which I never get to do. It was so nice.

Tuesday~ Adelaide was finally able to go to the Jumping Party, she LOVES this place. I don't think teaching her stranger danger is going to be very easy. She ran up to two ladies "My name is Adelaide. Where is Joshua?" Then ran up to a couple and told them her name. Christian got to play with Olivia and Caden. Caden is about 2 weeks older then Christian, so it is really cute to watch them together.

Wednesday~ It was St. Patrick's Day and we hosted a play date. Of course the kiddos had fun, but I think a few of us moms had even more fun. Stephanie used to sell Mary Kay and had a bunch left over after she stopped so we all got to fill bags up with the stuff we wanted, YAY!!! That afternoon I watched Zach. I will gladfully watch him any day of the week. He is such a good boy and Adelaide had so much fun. He did get sad when Adelaide wouldn't kiss him (too cute).

Thursday~ Christian had a follow up appointment with the ENT. Thankfully we didn't have to wait long and his ears look great. We go back in 4 months.
Today~ NOTHING!!! Nothing planned but cleaning and playing with my kids. Ahhh!


  1. It has been such a fun and busy week! I have enjoyed all the playdates this week.

  2. Caden and I enjoyed getting with you and Christian at Jump Party too! Little Adelaide is a cutie.

  3. AWE! I miss all the playdates and spending days at the zoo with y'all! Glad everything is going well though!