Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bye-bye Binky

We have decided it is time to take away the binky, no more excuses. We are afraid it will hurt her teeth and she talks so much more and better without it in her mouth.
At 8:55, she hurt herself and wanted her binky to comfort her, she survived without it though.
We had a nice little tantrum for it at 9:30, but she quickly finished and went on with playing.
At 12 she asked for it, was told no and she didn't fight about it or anything.
Nap time was HORRIBLE!!! She was screaming bloody murder for it. The only reason she fell asleep was because she exhausted herself crying. She actually woke up still crying for her binky.
She went through 3 more times of asking for it without a tantrum.
Bedtime was better than nap time, but still not fun. She eventually went to sleep though. She woke up this morning hugging, kissing, and talking up a storm.
I was so scared of this day and really it was so much better than I ever thought it was going to be (except nap time).
Anyways, we survived Day 1.


  1. Arrgh...good luck. I need to take adam's away, but with Rowan's around, he just steals hers. I don't know what we're going to do about this one. Luckily, he doesn't ask for it during the day, just at nap/bedtime. But if he finds one, he'll stick it in his mouth... :)

  2. Wow, cold turkey, huh?! We are bad too. Emma still has hers, but mainly at nap/bedtime. It's just so much easier to give it to her. Ugh!!!