Monday, April 6, 2009

Matt's Weekend Off

*Sigh* That's what I did this weekend, but a good one.
The Hillcrest move is finally done. Which means I have the car back :D No more being in the middle of shopping and getting a call about running Matt over to the other hospital. Or not being able to take the car because Matt has to run back and forth between hospitals. And of course no more "I'll be home late" calls. We went to lunch this morning and he told me that he has no idea what to do anymore. For the last year nearly, he has been getting things ready for the Stroke Survey and then the move. Now he is lost with nothing to do.
Matt hasn't been off since the last weekend of Feb. so it was really nice to have him home. On Saturday we got to do a few little odds and ends; shopping, installing new lights, mowing the lawn, etc...
Sunday Matt decided to put up the tent for Addie to play in, if it wasn't so windy it would have been a lot more fun. After having the movie "The Bucket List" in our house for about 3 months, we finally got to watch it. BTW, don't watch that movie when you are already on a pregnancy emotional roller coaster. I balled, not teared up or cried a little, I was balling my eyes out.
It was just nice to have Matt home for a day and a half. Now I have to wait til Memorial Day weekend for him to have off. That weekend happens to be when is mom and brother's family are coming to visit.

And of course my belly gets bigger everyday.

Ok enough rambling.

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  1. AWE! Love the belly pics! And glad you can all breathe a little and had good weekend together :)