Sunday, April 19, 2009

Providence SUCKS!

Matt works at Providence for his second job on the weekends and came home last night with upsetting news. They are requiring nearly all of there ICU nurses to sign up for an "on-call" day, because they are short on staff. That means that Matt will only have one day off a month, because it is extremely unlikely that he will not be called in.
So what do we do?
He works 64+ hours a week (excluding his one weekend off). He also has another job that he is actually on-call for 11 days a month. He is already having health issues from working so much. Adelaide has started having Daddy issues. She will wake up screaming for him during naps and at night. Not to mention we are about to have baby #2 in a few months.
I wish I could get a job, but I wouldn't even make 1/3 of what he makes an hour (which is why he works so much).


  1. I'm so sorry! Hopefully he can cut down his hours soon and you guys can have a little bit of normalcy! :(

  2. Gosh, I'm sorry! Maybe you could find at least a little something to do from home?

  3. Sorry girl! I hope he can maybe get a few more hours at home soon, Providence just needs to hire more poeple.