Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't stick your finger in other people's noses

Matt just called me because there was a doctor from Hillcrest on the radio talking about the swine flu. At the same time I just happened to be reading Katy's blog that mentioned the swine flu. I have realized everyone has blogged somewhat about it, so I figure I am going to throw my two cents in.
I think it is HORRIBLE that it is out there and so many are ill from it and some dying. But there are lots of factors and details people aren't aware of. I get scared of this in the sense that Matt is in the health care profession, he could bring it home, and if it becomes an epidemic I won't see my husband for a long time. But I am always scared that Matt could bring home a disease or something. But we take the necessary precautions and that is what you have to do for the swine flu. Of course I am not going near Mexico and I am washing my hands a little extra.
I think the only thing you can do is wash your hands and don't stick your finger in other people's noses.

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