Thursday, April 9, 2009


Since we are welcoming a new bundle of joy into our lives, Adelaide will have to give up her bed (convertible crib). Therefor I have decided that since she is getting a big girl bed she needs to have a big girl room. I really should emphasize the word girl. When I was pregnant with Adelaide I was anti pink and anti girly. Her room is a nursery rhyme theme with green, blue, yellow, purple.

I want her room to have lots of girly stuff now. I'm thinking pink, yellow, and purple with white furniture and such.
I am making her a quilt from her baby clothes, just have to sew on the back and trim.

I am also making her pillow(s) out her baby clothes to match the quilt.
I am shadow boxing a couple of dresses she wore as a little baby.

I am sewing her some pink curtains.
I have her name in wooden letters, they are purple and green now. I plan on painting them purple, pink, and yellow and hanging them with ribbon in the same colors.

I have a pink, antique looking wall sign.

But that is it. I need more ideas, more inspiration...


  1. Great work busy mama! I wish I had 10% of your energy and inspiration. I'll think on more ideas.....

  2. I think you have some great ideas! It's going to be super cute when you're done.