Friday, April 24, 2009


Can I just say I HATE migraines? Cause I do.
I have always had migraines with aura and it sux. I think I get more frustrated with my eyes then the actual head pain. During pregnancy they are worse and a little more often. With Adelaide I took no pills, no Tylenol, nothing. It was horrible, but Matt had energy so he waited on me until the pain went away. With this one I have even more migraines and have taken Tylenol, but I don't want to take anything more because I am still a little paranoid.
Anyways, yesterday I had my first REALLY bad one with this pregnancy. I had 6 hours of extreme pain and of course the before and after effects. I feel so bad for Adelaide because mommy went on her own little vacation and just checked out from mommyland. She was an angel though. She napped long, ate popcorn and watched 2 movies along with playing quietly, we made a game out of whispering. I am just blessed to have such a sweet daughter who understands and is compassionate to mommy's bo-bo.
So anyways, I am ready for this baby and these migraines to be done.

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  1. Ugh, these aches and pains are miserable. It's all worth it though....right?! Emma has had to adapt to me checking out of mommyland quite often, too. Whoever ENJOYS being pregnant must have had a much different experience than us! I hope your migranes go away and stay away.